Mindfulness in Business is the practice of being in the present and dealing with challenges and situations in the present that involve the business.  Practising non judgement, dealing with facts, staying emotionally above the situations and rigours of the business days allow for the reliance on fact, respectful conduct and the demonstration of empathy in the day to day.

Mindfulness in itself is the act of maintaining a present moment-by-moment awareness of our sensations in our body, thoughts, feelings and the environment we are in, through a gentle, growth and forgiving state.

As a result of practising mindfulness, our thoughts focus on what we’re sensing in the now rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.  We remain anchored in the know and consciously watch what is happening and attempt to not be unduly reactive or affected. Being accepting and non judgemental are the effects of this practice.

Mindfulness in Business requires the learning of special skills and techniques to maintain balance and perspective.    Sign up for the programs or <a href=”mailto:info@paradimesolutions.com”>contact us</a> to find out more.