A Job Description serves 2 main purposes.

1. To ensure that the team member knows the required qualifications, skills, roles and responsibilities of the job that he or she is undertaking.
2. To serve as a benchmark for assessment of performance

Across ASEAN, companies are looking for strong talent.  Companies with strong teams will dominate in this competitive environment and will go on to grow across the region.   IT IS TIME YOUR ORGANISATION GROWS STRONGER.  IT IS TIME YOUR ORGANISATION GROWS ACROSS THE REGION. THAT TIME IS NOW!

The first step with building a team is deciding on the staff that this required.   An Annualised Operating Plan or AOP will help management decide on the staffing requirements every year.  Once this plan is in place, the next step is hiring or retraining as required.

Putting up a JOB Advertisement is easy and you may get many applications, however what is required is for the right people to apply.   The Right Job Description provides the filter that is required shortlist the right people in the company.

Writing an Impressive, Attention Grabbing Job Description is key to getting the results you want and the knowledge you need to start the hiring processes.


Writing takes time and repeated effort.    We focus on

  • Appropriate Business Hire – Our workshop is built on years of hiring and building teams.  Each business has its own requirements and this makes writing so important.
  • International Focus – The skills learn in this course can be used all over the world.
  • Focus On People – Real life, Real Situations and Real Experiences are used to illustrate and teach.

There has never been a better, faster, more comprehensive way to learn how to write an impressive Job Description.  How can we claim that?   Its simple, we are so sure about our product that we have a money back guarantee.

If you learn all that we teach and relentless apply the principals and the protocols we teach you then,


Customized For Quick Learning & Application

Remote Learning Version:

1 day workshop with Pre work

All pre-work must be submitted prior to commencement of workshop.

Classroom Learning Version:

1 day workshop by request.


What you need to join.

To benefit most from this workshop you need the following.

  1. A minimum of 2 years work experience with team hiring experience.
  2. An understanding of the hiring process within an organisation.


Your will also need

  • A deep desire to improve yourself and achieve success
  • The ability to question deeply and frequently
  • A curious personality

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