R.U.M – Resourceful. Unstoppable. Management.


Tomorrows Technology Business Leaders

Across the globe, companies are looking for technology subject matter experts with management and leadership experience to lead and grow teams. Technology team leaders today need to be able to keep the focus clearly on technology excellence and profitability. Engineers must therefore equip themselves with the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver what businesses require. To deliver these engineers must learn the skills and structures around people, tools and organisation management.

RESOURCEFUL. UNSTOPPABLE. MANAGEMENT for ENGINEERS is key to getting the results you want and the knowledge you need to run a Technology Team.

Build Your Future

Once you have completed your R.U.M. for Engineers Program you will have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to run an effective technology team. This immediately raises your value within and for the company.

  • Technology/ Engineering Business Focus– Our program is built with Technology Experts in mind so our focus is Technology Business Management. The Business of Managing Technology Teams are taught and applied.
  • International Focus – While the program has a local flavour, International Principles of Business are taught and applied.
  • People Centric Approach – Real life, Real Situations and Real Experiences are used to foster learning and growth.

There has never been a better, faster, more comprehensive way to learn how to manage an Engineering Team. How can we claim that?

It’s simple, we are so sure about our product that we have a money back guarantee.

If you learn all that we teach and relentless apply the principals and the protocols we teach you then,


Crafted for Accelerated Learning and Hands-on Implementation


3 X 2 days + 4 hours of group coaching + 2 hours individual coaching per participant.

Program is to be scheduled over 4 weeks but can be extended to accommodate schedules.

Project work will be a team effort and will be up to team to work within guidelines.

PART 1 :  Addressing Readiness to Manage.

DAY 1:  Self-awareness and Internal Focus: Assessing Managerial Readiness.

4 assessments, 2 role plays, 1 Project.

DAY 2:  Understanding Business Structures and Their influence on Outcomes.

2 assessments, 3 role plays, 1 Project.

Team Project.

PART 2 :  Building The Skills to Manage.

DAY 3:  Learning Effective Communication for Collaboration, Decision-making, and Execution.

4 role plays, 1 Project.

DAY 4:  Using Effective Communication To Address Business Challenges.

2 role plays, Inter Group Challenge.

PART 3 :  Using The Skills to Manage.

DAY 5:  Identifying Business Challenges & Building an Action Framework.

4 role plays, 1 Project.

DAY 6:  Developing a Personalised Success Plan.

Plan design and completion.

What you need to join.

To succeed in this program you need the following:


  1. A minimum of 2 years work experience in any engineering or technical field
  2. A science a diploma or degree in a technical/science field (example: Computing, Engineering, Bio Medical Science)


  • A deep desire to improve yourself and achieve success
  • The ability to question deeply and frequently
  • An inquisitive nature.

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