Project Description

Tomorrows Engineering Business Leaders

Across ASEAN, companies are looking for engineers with management and leadership experience to take on projects that will bring great revenue to their companies.   Engineers must therefore equip themselves with the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver what businesses require. To deliver these engineers must learn the skills and structures around people, tool and organisation management.

REAL. UNSTOPPABLE. MANAGEMENT for ENGINEERS is key to getting the results you want and the knowledge you need to run an Engineering Team.

Build Your Future.

Once you have completed your R.U.M. for Engineers Program you will have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to run an effective engineering team.  This immediately raises your value.

  • Engineering Business Focus – Our program is built with Engineers so our focus is Engineering Business Management. The Business of Managing Engineering Teams are taught and applied.
  • International Focus – While the program has a local flavour, International Principles of Business are taught and applied.
  • Focus On People – Real life, Real Situations and Real Experiences are used to illustrate and teach.

There has never been a better, faster, more comprehensive way to learn how to manage an Engineering Team.    How can we claim that?   Its simple, we are so sure about our product that we have a money back guarantee.

If you learn all that we teach and relentless apply the principals and the protocols we teach you then,


Customized For Quick Learning & Application

Remote Learning Version:

2 x 2 days + coaching and project work all completed within

Classroom Learning Version:

2 x 2 days + coaching and project work.

Day 1 – Myself and My Internal Focus.

Addressing My Readiness To Be A Manager.  

Day 2 – Learning Real Business Structures and Their Impact and Outcomes.

Addressing HR Laws, Internal Guidelines and Policies  

Day 3 – Communicating to Bring People Together, Deliver Decisions and Execute Plans.

Addressing Business Pain and How to Overcome Challenges

Day 4 –  Creating My Own Success Plan.

What you need to join.

To succeed in this program you need the following experience.

  1. A minimum of 2 years work experience in any engineering or technical field
  2. A science a diploma or degree in an engineering or technical field.

Your will also need

  • A deep desire to improve yourself and achieve success
  • The ability to question deeply and frequently
  • A curious personality

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