Design Thinking Overview


Across ASEAN, companies are looking for individuals who can apply DESIGN THINKING methods drive business success.   Individuals who can apply the DESIGN THINKING to drive business have the ability to not only steer companies to succeed but also increase their value to the company.

The Design Thinking for Business Success program allows participants to gain the knowledge to apply the methods and techniques key to getting the results they want, adding value to their company and themselves.

Key Considerations

  • Business Focus – Our program is built with key company personnel in mind.  Design Thinking methods are taught to these individual to enable maximum benefit.
  • Focus On People – Real life, Real Situations and Real Experiences are used to illustrate and teach.

If you learn all that we teach and relentless apply the principals and the protocols we teach you then,


Customized For Quick Learning & Application

Remote Learning Version:

2 x 2 days + coaching and project work all completed within

Classroom Learning Version:

2 x 2 days + coaching and project work.

Day 1 – Design Thinking Fundamentals.  

Day 2 – HMW, Stakeholders and Customer Journeys.

Day 3 – Scenario Mapping and Prototyping.

Day 4 –  Success Mapping and Reprototyping.

What you need to join.

To succeed in this program you need the following experience.

  1. A minimum of 3 years work experience in any field with a people management responsibilities.

Your will also need

  • A deep desire to improve yourself and achieve success
  • The ability to question deeply and frequently
  • A curious personality

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